Polykod marks ADIPEC 2021 with software innovation in the petroleum industry

On November 15-18, Polykod attended the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum and Exhibition Conference (ADIPEC) 2021, one of the world’s largest oil and gas events.

Polykod develops a range of innovative software technological advances that can aid professionals in their workflow. During this event, the flagship software solutions were presented - PolyGon and PolyPlan.

As a part of a marketing campaign to promote pressure-rate modelling software facility - PolyGon, delegates could try out the software from our stand and were invited to join a product tour with the leading company experts.

Everyone was invited to try a petroleum simulator PetroCup (build on PolyPlan engine) right from our stand, with a VR tour of the features it offers.

To learn more about PolyGon and PolyPlan, visit https://www.polykod.com/